2010 Voting Experience

I voted in a fire truck bay this year.

And the machines were still more advanced than the old timey ones they use in New York, where you have to pull a lever to cast your vote.

In Baton Rouge I pushed a button to cast the vote!

The method they used to track voters was a binder of printed out names that they checked off. And then yelled out our names across the table and spelled them out for another guy to write them on a separate print list. I thought that was really weird, but whatever. He misspelled my name Marylin?! I corrected him though, as I'm sure you would expect.

Work today was one of the worst in a long time. Just not enough to do and little direction or communication. It will swing back to being super busy next week when the travel stars. But anyway, I just felt yechy as the day dragged on -- and too focused on myself and how bad I felt.

Also doesn't help that Shawn's been gone and I'm off balance because of that. Time to go work out and try to regain some balance... Two more sleeps 'til he's home!

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