Writing from a conference. This is a different kind of travel than I have been and will continue to do. Many of the people here seem to be whooping it up and just happy to be away from their desk jobs. Hrm.

I met the president (owner? founder?) of my company -- the contracting company that actually pays my salary. He was weird -- introduced himself as my boss after someone else introduced me as being with the company. (Just what I need, another "boss.") He asked about my work -- thought I was doing something completely different, so I explained a little about my role and my title. Obviously didn't know I, or my position, existed. Which is fine with me, so whatever.

Then I was talking to the HR lady with whom I'd had many discussions in the process of interviewing for and accepting the position. We talked about how I went from working from home, alone in my studio apartment to this, which is much more people-involved.

The president guy scoffed and said "I thought you said you were a communications person."

I think insulting my background is uncalled for. And besides, my past life work was heavily web based ... and it wasn't like I didn't do any person-to-person outreach. It just wasn't as concentrated as this work is. Also most of my closest contacts within the organization are REMOTE. I don't know, it just really rubbed me the wrong way.

But I schmoozed and said "everything is great." HR lady said ~sounds like it's been really good for your career ... as a professional ... or something like that.

But sometimes, like when I've technically worked 12 hours on a Sunday, missed church, a workout, dinner and an evening with my boy ... I don't know that this is worth it.

It's just one week, one Sunday, one conference.

Time to put on my big girl panties and be a professional ... for once.

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