Embrace the Pink

I almost forgot to blog today. This has been the worst NaBloPoMo for me, hands down. Maybe I can turn it around. Not today.

This afternoon Jane and I ventured outside in the back yard and she played with her bubble lawn mower. It's something I bought her last year, and she's played with it a lot inside but this was the first time I added the bubbles. It's so loud that it's a much better outside toy anyway.

She was running around and having a great time, although gave me a big scare when she bolted for the front yard and down the driveway, stopping in the sidewalk just as I caught up with her. She wasn't actually going into the street but she absolutely made it look like she was. Ah, we gotta fence in the back yard somehow.

Anyway, she was wearing a pink coat, which is a hand-me-down but a prized possession, pink tennis shoes and a pink crochet hat that I made her. We think pink around here!

When I found out we were having a girl I was terrified of fighting the expectations for what girls should like, what girls should play with and how girls should act (ah, especially in the South with the exaggerated, somewhat fake manners that need to be slathered on). I still, obviously, have issues with gender roles and expectations, but I am embracing the pink, so to speak.

Having a girl is the best, or at least having MY girl is the best. I don't want to give the wrong impression as I'm tapping this out with minutes to spare...

She has decided she loves pink. And so I love pink too. And I think she looks smashing in it...

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