Winter Crochet

I made a few motifs during the sneauxpocolypse here. I've also been working on a baby sweater that may or may not fit Jane (and may or may not actually work out -- but I'll detail those woes in the post I write when it's finished).

I think my favorite motif was this Irish lace three-layered flower, the pattern from a crochet book I checked out from the library. Instead of three different colors, I just used one thread, which is variegated -- leftover from her purple swing set cardigan. I sewed it (badly) onto a hair clip we had, and Jane actually kept it in her hair a bit. Sweet!

I deleted my last post "Kindness" because it seemed absolutely unnecessary and self-pitying. People are very kind to me, and I remember those kindnesses. My sloppily made point was more about my mindset to be down on myself and feel alone. Thinking back on so many gratitudes helped change my attitude, at least a little bit!

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