TIBTIL: Trader Joe's Instant Coffee

If you're a coffee snob, ignore this post.

I have plenty to write about, but I've been feeling unbelievably craggy lately -- anxious and crabby, dreadful and sulky. Most unattractive. Possibly related to the swinging temperatures and weather. But I digress.

Our Trader Joe's opened in October, and I have been a handful of times, usually to stock up on things (great organic peanut butter for Jane and stuff for my mom since her nearest TJ's is hours away). But the thing I bought that I love is their instant coffee.

I'm still having my negative reaction to coffee made at our house otherwise (even after cleaning the coffee maker thoroughly and trying different coffee). It just doesn't taste right. (Give me a latte from anywhere and I'm sailing though, so maybe I just need to add more milk ... anyway.)

I bought the TJ's instant coffee on a whim when I was grabbing stuff just before a storm. It ended up being delightful. It's definitely instant, but with fat free half & half is definitely drinkable to me, and I actually like it better than any stuff I've made in the coffee pot lately. So I thought I'd share that find in case anyone else is looking for a good way to make single cups of coffee without too much trouble.

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