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Ugh. Another email asking "Do you know Ex-Boyfriend?" from Linked In. It's the second one, and no thanks. I don't want to connect with him even if we do have some contacts in common (I figure that's the only way it would suggest the connection?). I could see once on the mobile app that he (or someone from the newspaper where he works) had looked at my profile, so I looked at his back. And maybe that is it. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

And it looks like Linked In is adding more high school stalker-esque tools to allow people to see who's looking at their updates and profile AND keep a list of what you've looked at. Maybe good for when you're looking for a job and you know that a potential employer has (or has not) looked you up there. But even that seems a little unsettling to me.

It's enough to keep me logged out of Linked In. I'd rather just be oblivious. You can connect with me there though:

(Also, someone other than Shawn should endorse me for things. I must pop up on the top of his when he logs in -- the one social media outlet he uses! -- and he likes to endorse me. They're things I actually am good at -- editing, proofreading, etc. But I'm sure it looks more than a little wonky to have my husband as my top endorser, especially when we haven't ever worked directly together aside from my proofing of his dissertation and other papers.)

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