My not-so-new newborn (~5 weeks)
Jane has gone from being "so big" to "so small." She's still growing, filling out her clothes, and I'm sure keeping up her high percentiles in weight and height.

But now when people see her or meet her, instead of saying "what a big newborn," they like to say "Oh she's so small. My kids were never that small." (Although they obviously must have been, as few babies are born 11+ pounds!)

It's all relative, or perspective, or something. When you have actual kids running around it's hard to remember them being so tiny. And I know relative to those kids Jane is. And I find it hard to believe that I will forget -- although I almost certainly will.

How can I forget the feel of her little body melting into mine as I hold her and she drifts off to sleep? The way she fits so perfectly into the crook of my neck?

How can I forget the way her little diapered bottom fits right into the cup of my hand? It's perfect for patting.

How can I forget her newborn hair -- so soft and staticky?

How can I forget her newborn smell -- milky and diapery? And the sweetest breath in the world?

How can I forget her sweet coos, grunts and cries? I know has her language develops it will be harder to remember, although I can still hear Owen's gurgle giggle and it's 7 years later.

I know what I'll never forget about Jane is how much I love her. It's ridiculous and deep and the best thing ever. I don't want time to fly by so quickly, but I know I can't grasp it or stop it. So I'll try to mark it where I can. Hoping that in words I can help myself remember that yes, she was this small. And she's always been so lovable.


Anonymous said...

I was going to recommend that you take her photo beside the USA Today newspaper, for indelible perspective.

Then I realized that I just now read a story that predicted, in 5 years, only four major newspapers will remain in print. (that including the USA Today)

That gave cause for pause... but do it anyway...

and maybe for the 1/1/2012 edition, just for kicks! (or 1/2/2012, since that will be the first full edition for the new year)

Hopefully you thought to get various periodicals dated near/on the day she was born. If you didn't, it may still be recent enough to secure some of them.


Anonymous said...

Hey, speaking of relativity...

can you explain how many persons in Jane's direct family tree are living... (for the unintiated out here)??

Just wondering... since you told of your gran.



(and no, no names are necessary)

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