Saturday Yard Work

We have a lot of leaves because we have a lot of trees. We don't get the brilliant colors of fall in them, but they certainly do fall. That means there's always yard work to do -- raking, putting them in bags, sweeping them off the carport floor. Shawn has a lot of upkeep to do.

The house itself creates chores too. Cleaning is the big one, but also laundry and groceries (my main weekend tasks that are obviously less about the house and more about the people residing here). Shawn takes care of home maintenance. He is the best husband -- and house owner -- I know.

Big game tonight. Very glad it's an away game, should we need to get somewhere tonight (most likely we won't).


Rachael Neilan said...

Keep the car gassed never know when you might need to take a late night drive. :)

Sydney said...

This reminds me of the sign in front of the Baptist church:

Autumn leaves
Jesus doesn't

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