Disappointment (Another Hair Post)

Tip #1: don't choose a hair salon based on convenience to your house.

Tip #2: don't go to a salon called "Rage" because you may every well end up leaving ENraged.

My hair has been recovering from the weird haircut in January. It's still got super short pieces as layers on the top back from the weird stacked thing that girl did. I had a trim at a mall in Florida in May, and I think that made it even worse/puffier. But at least it was a cheaper cut.

Basically I wanted to go get a haircut that would add some shape back to the bottom of my hair, which has grown out considerably, maybe get some razored ends added back for the rock star look and mostly to get a really good blow out.

Instead of picking a chain haircut place I made an appointment at a salon that I drive by every day. A SALON, where I expect the stylists to have some modicum of training beyond snip, snip and an ability to shape hair/add layers.

The stylist was nice enough, although weird (who brings a little dog to work? the whole place seemed a little grungy). I got shampooed, which was nice, and we talked about my hair and she said she would cut some of the back off and try to blend in the layers better. It seemed straightforward, and I did emphasize that I wanted to keep the length to still be ponytail-able. She asked if I usually wear my hair curly, and I said yes, not thinking that the way I usually do it would be the way I walked out. The weather has changed here -- yesterday morning was exactly like Vancouver in July -- so it really isn't too humid for my hair to go straight, which was something she said as she was looking at my hair.

Shaping/styling didn't really happen, and the cut was about the level of a Supercuts or Fantastic Sam's visit (only twice as expensive). She just did a bit of trimming with scissors for maybe 5-10 minutes and that was that. She put some smelly stuff in my hair, searched for 5 minutes for a diffuser and then used it to dry my hair. I paid for a "style" that was really bad, i.e. so dumb I could do it myself. And my hair in the end looked like one big curly triangle.

The worst part? I still tipped her!

My hair went right back into its pony tail when I got in the car. And I raged and raged at myself for my stupidity (because really it's my fault -- I could have easily asked her to please add more layers/shaping and blow it out -- but I was ready to get out of there).

This weekend I'll wash and blow dry it myself, just to see if it's at all different than it was before once it's styled straight (because it definitely doesn't look any better when styled curly).

TL;DR? My hair woes in Baton Rouge continue...

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