Manhattan from Governor's Island, Summer 2010
It's like a non-meme meme, as almost every single blog I read has done a 9/11 post today or at least in the last few days. I really like the feature on the NYTimes showing a map of where people were color coded with how they're feeling now. Here is mine (now feeling hopeful, although that is a reflection of things in my life far removed from 9/11):
"I was in my car on the way to class at OSU. Heard the news on KATT and thought it was a weird joke."
Today's sermon was on forgiveness (the 77 times passage in Matthew), and it rattled at least one guy in church who cornered the pastor afterward to ask him how that could be that we should forgive. Why, if we did that, we'd just give up the country and be under terrorist's rule. I didn't stick around to hear the conclusion, maybe because I didn't hear the same message as far as how forgiveness is defined.

We didn't talk about 9/11 at all in Sunday school, which I think is in part a reflection of the class ... it seems all very much to be about what's happening in our lives today/rehashing our weeks, although without actually applying any scripture (seriously, we didn't even read a passage today). It's almost like we're trying to find our way without using the road map sitting right in front of us. And I'm not sure how to suggest another way.

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Sydney said...

Our scripture was on the same theme with the same scripture although Patrick began with the OKC bombing and then segued into 9-11. No one was contrary, that I'm aware of.

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