Life, of Late

We have NOT been blown away by Tropical Storm Lee so far, and I hope we remain as lucky. Oddly my work is asking that I check in daily. I guess safety as a priority is OK, but do I really need to do ANY type of work, even if just 30 seconds, on a long weekend? I guess I should be glad they care? Meh.

So today has been a lazy, hang around enjoying the rain day. I did go out to buy some juice for church tomorrow. Our Sunday school class is responsible for coffee hour and I signed up for juice, thinking that would be easiest. It's also the heaviest. And I hope that what I bought can last us throughout the month, so I don't have to buy juice every single week.

I am finally using up my iTunes gift cards of last Christmas ... on the two Adele albums that I was reminded to buy by that VMAs video. I think I still have a bit leftover, which can pay for part of another album whenever I think of it next. I still don't buy apps or anything like that. Mostly because of lack of interest on my part, but also because my iPod touch is getting old and cranky. I'm lucky when it can connect to my wifi on its own. You get what you pay for (and it was free/I won it in a contest several years ago). It still plays tunes, i.e. serves its main purpose.

We had grand plans to couch shop today, but the rain and general attitudes made us decide to stay home. Maybe we can take advantage of sales on Monday if we're feeling up to it. The couch is the last BIG thing I really want to get soon. I'd also like drapes for the living room and new curtains for the kitchen soon. I should online shop.

Sorry for the non-post post. Trying out Blogger's new look and ... it's going to take some getting used to, but it probably is better overall. Ta.

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