We All Love Lucy

It's the 100th anniversary of Lucille Ball's birthday. Google has transformed its doodle into a 50s style TV that plays a clip before going to a search results page for her name. (Click around the dial to see them all.)

I first remember watching Lucy with my Grandma Jane. Oh how I laughed. Favorites include Vita-meata-vegi-men, the Chocolate Factory, and the one where Ricky sings "we're having a baby, my baby and me."

I watched some while living in NYC, which gave the show a similar "I know where that is" vibe that I got when re-watching Seinfeld.

Watch some Lucy (CBS has episodes online), eat some chocolate, get into some crazy antics, fake cry to get your husband's attention and keep on loving Lucy.

What's your favorite episode?

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Sydney said...

There's an episode I always think of when I make rice. Ricky was cooking dinner (trying to show Lucy how to save money on groceries?). He read the instructions on how to cook rice and didn't think one cup looked like enough rice so he poured in the whole bag. I remember him cooking it in the oven becasue when he checked on it the rice had overflowed openeing the oven door and filling the kitchen with rice.

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