House Beautiful

Shawn and I have made amazing progress on getting the house this weekend. We have a few finishing touches -- big and small (couch anyone?! and new drapes for the living room, etc.), but all our boxes are unpacked.

The linen closet is full of clean and fresh sheets and towels. We have empty space still in the closets, and I have a full empty drawer in my new-old-dresser that my parents brought. Am going to do my best to NOT fill it up. We'll see how successful I can be at that.

One year ago I started my job. It took several months to feel comfortable doing what I was doing -- not that I was unable to do anything but more about not being able to stay busy. I still have periods of inactivity, but I definitely feel more confident and stable. Not 100% sure that I made the "right" decision between the job choices a year ago, but it is what it is. And I make more at this job than the other one offered SO it allowed us to get the house faster ... and might make it possible to get a second car that we're starting to want.

Speaking of, I'll have to leave soon to pick up Shawn from the office. After all the house work yesterday he certainly needed a break (and probably some last minute class prep -- school starts tomorrow). He's such a great worker and provider.

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Sydney said...

I'm so happy for your progress. I'd love to see your new furniture and curtains. Possible picture posts? (I love alliteration.)

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