On the Levy
Been a busy Saturday. After working out and our usual pancake lunch I indulged in a Hallmark Christmas movie and then we went on a bike ride. For the first time we went to the levy -- it's so close and easy! I only had to walk my bike up one of the inclines ... and a true biker rode by me and said "yeah, that part is tough." HA! I can only get better from here...

Once we were back from that I started in on the Christmas cookies. I made the dough yesterday and baked and decorated today. The dough was stickier than normal even though I had chilled it overnight, so I had to work in some more flour.

Not eating/tasting the dough produces more cookies -- actually made there be not quite enough icing. So I just didn't frost the broken ones (broken = goodie for Shawn). I focused my will power on not eating the cookies ... so far so good, but man they look tasty! 10 bells, 12 stockings, 15 trees, 9 stars plus a few broken ones of almost each. They're drying now and then I'll box 'em up. I made homemade bows out of magazine pages to go on the boxes, based on what I remembered from this tutorial. Feelin' pretty crafty today, and making them is kind of addicting! I guess better to be addicted to crafting than eating too many cookies!

Lovely -- including purple stockings!

Kind of makes a mess!
I also got to starching a few Christmas ornament snowflakes that I crocheted for coworkers, etc.
Six ornaments ... hope they're dry by Monday since we leave on Tuesday!


Katie said...

Yay for riding on the levy!

Heather said...

The dough is a southern phenomenon. When we lived in Florida, our cookie dough was crazy sticky and got on everything. We moved north and it was much easier. I used to think this was an age thing (less messy as an adult), but I think the humidity in the air really makes a difference. Great work, it all looks delicious!

Mari said...

Thanks, Heather. The humidity screwed up the snowflakes too -- they just didn't dry fast enough... Adjustments will be made next year!

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