I've been working on blog posts in my head but haven't taken the time to type them out... Here are some topics, in case I don't get around to true posts:
  • Mail - I love opening the box to Christmas cards. And today bonus: my This American Life USB came!
  • Make-up ... how wearing it changes things and how I finally succumbed, as my 20s closed, to wearing it to work every day
  • Weather -- I am certainly getting used to the balmy winter. 70s in December, yes please!
  • Gift Guides -- Etsy Taste Test ... uh, this was pretty good on what I like BUT seriously I love most everything on Etsy! Then there's this Hunch Gift-o-Matic where you put in a Twitter handle and it spits out a list of suggested gifts. I have a suspicion it's just a shuffled list for everyone, but still a really neat concept.
  • Recent conversations about work/career planning. I'm not sure I have any better grasp on what I should be doing, but I feel mostly OK. Especially because I'm taking some time off for the next couple weeks.
  • I got my first Kindle gift book from my mother-in-law -- my One a Day Bible! So no more lugging the big book with me on trips.
  • I lost a box of Triscuits. Seriously, what?
  • I won a really groovy Christmas ornament at the office women Christmas party
  • I had a terrible blood sugar incident yesterday ... ate a white bread sandwich (we didn't really have a choice of bread from where we ordered out) and then crashed out just before the security line at the airport. Luckily my coworker had a Kashi bar and saved me.
Hope you have as many good things to write about!

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