I am hungry, and it's almost all I can think about. Very troubling but expected. I don't want to buy groceries and can't bring myself to eat the scrappy things we have left in our cupboard. The worst, and poor Shawn.

Last night Shawn and I decided to take advantage of a break in the rain and take part in a free movie screening on the Hudson River. It's like Screen on the Green in DC, except with NYC in the background instead of the Capitol Building.

We walked a mile and a half, only to find that the event was canceled due to inclement weather. I suppose that could be true if there were any more storms slated to come through ... but there weren't. Oh well. We got a 3+ mile round trip walk in really nice weather.

Evening wasn't a total wash because we were home to watch the season premiere of Psych. Man, that show cracks me up. What I HATED was the weird credit card advertisement bumper that featured the actors in character. Ick.

Similarly, I hated the Closer's "Salt" tie in -- you could see the movie ad on a bus in the background of an early scene, and then the safe word at the end was "salt." Grrrr. Would I be as peeved if the movie in question didn't feature AJ? Probably not.

Unrelated: SO excited for Ramona and Beezus movie. Seriously.

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mandy said...

I just saw the preview for Ramona and Beezus. Strange.

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