Last day working from home, at least for now. I just carted the two computers, monitor and phone, plus assorted cords, to FedEx. After a somewhat harrowing walk with my granny cart loaded down with more than 50 pounds of equipment, it took more than an hour to get everything shipped, mostly due to the incompetence of the employees working there. I guess you can't expect much more than that.

What's done is done, and although I didn't find out how much shipping was (i.e. no way to make a judgment call as to whether it actually made SENSE to ship everything vs. recycling it), too late now and hopefully I won't get in trouble. What are they going to do, fire me? Badum-dum-shee.

I didn't expect to feel quite so sad, or feel so empty when looking at the big expanse of my desk. It's dirty and there's still my printer, laptop, speakers, keyboard and external hard drive. But it's not the same. My life will never be the same.

For this I am happy, and excited. But at the same time I'm beyond scared and certainly sad to say goodbye to the way of life I've known for so long -- four years working, with nearly two and a half from my NYC apartment.

Shawn is my constant, my bliss which I follow. So I can't feel entirely bad.

I have started packing some things -- had to do some today to make way to get all the computer stuff together. But I've got a long way to go and many boxes to fill. I have a feeling my goodbye to the city will involve more packing and less touring, but maybe we can take a break tomorrow for a jaunt to governor's island and/or the UN. There is some shopping to do and a few museums I'd still like to see/revisit. I just don't know that there's time.

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