Via Gawker: Bedbugs at Marie Claire?!

It has NOTHING to do with a "filthy intern" as one of the first commenters says. UGH.
Bedbugs aren't just for dirty hovels like Fox News and hipster Bushwick. The filthy bloodsuckers have allegedly infested the very flower of our national womanhood—the offices of Marie Claire:

A tipster tells us this dirty rumor:

"Marie Claire magazine in the brand new hearst tower was infested by bed bugs on Friday, courtesy of a fashion intern. employees in the affected area were sent home on Friday.
Over the weekend, total fumigation of the floor. Will it appear in the reality show they've been filming up there?!
The girls were acting like they'd contracted HIV."

Read the whole Gawker tip here - and hopefully they'll update the post or do something new when they get more info. How insane am I to follow things like this?! (and i didn't search for this - came thru my twitter ... i follow Gawker)

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