just a few days left in 2008, which has been a whale of a year.

i made notes about my Danville holiday experience - a first newlywed christmas/our first christmas as Dr. and Mrs. so i could do a whole SERIES of posts about that.

i need to keep notes about my Oklahoma experience as well - i'm at Beth's apartment right now, waiting for her to bring me lunch, with Wall-E on the TV for Owen and working away on the January e-newsletter. pain in the ... but it's getting done. need to work on Feb line up and a few other maintenance things - then will be done for the year. Holla.

plan to go to Hobby Lobby this evening - SO looking forward to that. am planning to crochet myself a floppy-ish hat - sort of a beret, hard to describe. have a pattern and will post pics upon completion. i haven't completed anything in a long while because i'm still working away on the bedspread, and even that is slow going because of the bedbug situation and no good place to crochet at home.

weird to spend so much time away from shawn - but that's a post on its own.

dur. ~m.

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