Squirrly Korean Encounter

After work yesterday, I took a book outside to the park and sat on a bench, reading away. Squirrels and pigeons are getting way too close for comfort, but I just hoped for the best and pressed on with my book. There were many others in the park, as it was a gorgeous, sunny and cool evening. For some reason I looked like a good target for a guy ... he came over and talked to me after harassing another guy about where the McDonald's is (the guy was eating his dinner from there).

So, the talkative guy has an English workbook, and obviously doesn't speak English well. He starts asking me questions like "When is your birthday?" and "Do you come here often?" Not as a come on, but as a "let me practice my English on you" -- it was uncomfortable and I couldn't understand 2/3 of what he said. (One thing he said was in Korea, where he's from, they don't have squirrels. Wonder if that's true.) He would work a little in his book, then ask me something. Finally I got up and left (how can I read a book with these distractions) and said "See you." Making it clear (I thought) that I did NOT want to see him again... Guess there's a language barrier.

As I'm walking away, made it about a half block, he comes RACING up to me from behind, scaring the living jeebus out of me. I say "what do you want?" in as rude a voice as I can muster, because although he SEEMS harmless, having a guy (even a scrawny Korean guy) jump up from behind you is threatening. He tells me he's going to the subway and points. I say "OK" and make a fake turn (away from the subway) to get away from him and avoid letting him know where I live (which is only a block and a half from the park)...

And that's that. ~M.

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Anonymous said...

Mari, Mari, Mari. There is no such thing as a squirrel being "too close."

-- cg

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