Horoscope ... Only When I Agree

Today can be a potent reminder of the dramatic changes you have experienced over the past several years. But even if your personal evolutionary process has irrevocably changed you from a caterpillar into a butterfly, the metamorphosis is not yet complete. Use the intensity of your memories to keep the process alive in the present moment while considering what work you still have left to do.
Horoscopes are meaningless, but I liked the structure of that one. (It's Sagittarius for today, June 20, by Rick Levine.) I have started a list (oh how I love lists) about blog posts to write - mostly thinking back to pieces of me... What made me become the me that Shawn loves and married. I want to gloss over the embarrassing parts, some of which I'm ashamed of, but we'll see. Catharsis and therapy in a free blog... coming up sometime.


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