Review: Radical Sanity: Commonsense Advice for Uncommon Women

Published in 1999, the year I graduated high school, this book has more than a few dated pop culture references (back when Brangelina didn't exist), but I guess that's the risk you take.

This is a very Girl-Power book, and I loved the quotes used at the beginning of each essay. As I was reading it (and I read it quickly, technically within 24 hours of checking it out of the library), I was thinking how blog-like it seemed. But of course, these entries were more thought out and precisely edited than your average (ahem) blogger can produce!

Basically this is an advice book for women, but written with a bit of tongue-in-cheek and kick ass attitude. Some quotes I wrote down:
"Doing nothing is opting for the sweetness of stillness...
Instead of fighting with that which you cannot control, you might as well just see it through..."
It's nice to get the advice and reminder to be MORE than just a girlfriend/fiance/wife. Read, write, watch movies, see plays and be an actual person. That's what it comes down to. (Oh, and pay someone else to do the things you don't like doing...I can get behind that!)


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