Review: The Best Day of Someone Else's Life

On Friday, Shawn and I tried to go see Iron Man at the local Regal Cinemas. It was sold out, so we bought our tickets for Saturday (a hilarious, wonderful action film, BTW). Because the theater is near The Strand, we decided to go in for a look. I stumbled across this book on the half off table. It sounded like the movie 27 Dresses (which was based on a book by Meg Cabot apparently) and I'm all about weddings. So I bought it. Turns out it hadn't even been released yet - it came out 5/6/08 and I bought it on 5/2/08. Imagine that!

When I got home I started reading it, and I really did devour it quickly (I amaze Shawn with my ability to speed read). It's definitely not high literature, but I liked it. It's set in DC - about a girl who's in several weddings and then has a lot more to attend over the course of a year and a half. It had a lot of great DC settings and details, so I liked that. But there were way too many characters. I guess it's just a factor of me being non-social, but I can't imagine having regular interaction with 6-8 girls every single week - plus random work people and friends from childhood, etc. So keeping them all straight was confusing - so I didn't keep them straight. It didn't really matter to me, and the characters didn't really matter either - ha!

I'm going to pass along this book, even though the blurb on the cover isn't really supported by the book. I didn't read about any hook ups at any wedding - and the cover says "Six seriously regretted hook-ups" - there also weren't four allergic reactions and the main character never added up how much she spent (although I'm sure $50K for that many weddings isn't unbelievable, it just wasn't ever added up within the book).

Chick flick book that made me think "I can do this" more than anything else!


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