From WWD:
TV, the Next Frontier for Steve & Barry's

When Shawn's cousin Robbie, and his wife, Tabby, were in town last weekend, we had the BEST time. Their mutual cousin Kellie, a true New Yorker, took us around. The natural history museum, China town, Little Italy, Times Square, Toys R Us, etc. Robbie makes me laugh hysterically - I think we were just on the same wavelength or something. And it was good to spend time with Tab. She's pretty awesome.

And Kellie - well I could write a love letter about her, but I won't. Needless to say, I'm a LUCKY LUCKY girl to get to become a part of this family.

SO, this ties into the S&B article above because one of the things we did was go to Steve & Barry's to look for souvenirs (R&T's daughter, Sarah, wanted some sunglasses). They had a pair of running/casual shoes on sale for $9. They were a dark greeny-grey with purple edging. AND they had a size 11. Holy heck!

So I've been sporting new kicks this week.

Happy Valentine's!!!

PS Can't wait to get my hands on a Spock T-Shirt from S&B. TOO cool!

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