NYT: Bridal Gown Trends

The Bride Wore Very Little - New York Times:

"According to a 2006 survey by Condé Nast Bridal Media, 16 percent of couples choose a destination wedding — a fourfold increase from a decade ago. The same survey found that only 46 percent of brides are married in a church or synagogue, down from 55 percent the year before. With weddings transported to other locales comes a loosening of conventions.

Whether they marry in a walled garden, on a tennis court, on a yacht or at the beach, “brides are more focused on the after-party, and on personalizing it,” Ms. Bratten said."

Think this might be part of the reason so many marriages end in divorce? Because the brides focus on the celebrity and "after party" of the event/wedding, instead of the marriage itself?!

It's still so hard not to get sucked into it...the bridal machine, designed to suck all your savings and spit you out on the other side of your wedding a little let down, like the day after Christmas, but with no Boxing Day Sales... It's going to be great though - because I'll be married to the best guy ever! Whee.


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