27 October 2007

Halloween Costume

Mari's Purple HairShawn and I met at a Halloween party. I went to a work-related one tonight. I didn't know what to dress up as, so I perused the costume store. When I saw this purple wig, I knew I had to have it! So I didn't really have a costume, other than I was wearing a wig, fishnets and black. :) I guess I was a "starlet" or something. Or maybe I was just "incognito." I have another party to attend next week - we're supposed to go as our "alter ego" - so I think this will suffice for that too. We'll see if I have a brilliant idea between now and then.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OK, the wig is fine, the look is fine, but the photo clashes too much with the background of the "Mari in Maryland" motif.

For the love...