Therapeutic Shopping or Lifting Weights

Today I broke my self-prescribed Target fast. I tracked my spending in December and saw patterns I didn't like. I tend to buy things to make myself feel better, and that really isn't healthy. So I decided to stay away from Target for at least a month.

I didn't quite make it, mainly because of diapers. I had it in my head that potty training *might* happen this month so didn't really count how many we had left before I started the "fast." As we crept ever closer to zero diapers I realized I'd either have to buy non-Target diapers or break the fast.

Obviously I chose a small Target run. (Target diapers work so well for us -- no leaks/no problems/affordable.) I bought bananas too, but was pretty good in-and-out. I looked at some clearance items as I walked by them and checked out the kettle bells, because I think I want to buy one. But I was able to resist any extraneous purchases. Just being in the store made me feel good and happy though. What is wrong with me?

Re: kettle bell, I did a Jillian Michaels kettle bell workout and just used my 2 lb. dumbbell. It was fine, and even picking up the 7 lb. kettle bell in Target made me think about how much harder it would be -- and what a better workout.

At my metabolic clinic appointment this week the new RN I'm seeing (because the old one moved away) suggested only 1/3 of exercise be cardio and to really focus on muscle building exercises with weights. My body can certainly build muscle, and although I don't totally believe her that I can drop weight that way given my experiences losing weight in the past, I thought I would give it a try. I'm just not sure how to get my hands on heavier weights without joining a gym. Hrm.

The Jillian Michaels videos incorporate cardio into the routines with weights/strength training, so I'll keep sampling those until I do them all/am completely bored with them. The RN didn't think that was the best idea/doesn't like JM. But she couldn't give me a good reason why not. Mostly I just have to keep up the consistency.

Maybe I should check Craigslist for a used kettle bell or heavier weights. I think I need to give myself another month off Target. I bought the huge box of diapers, so I should be OK through February... I will probably let myself off the hook to make a few other purchases before then though...

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