The Terrible Twos
Bingo Number 2 by LEOL30 on Flickr
After a few months of parenting a two-year-old, I'm starting to think it isn't her who is terrible, but me. She is going about her business, trying to learn new things, but it's me who's resistant to change, and frustrated simultaneously by her lack of independence and her lack of dependence, if that makes any sense.

She's too big to be babied, and I can't physically corral her with any sort of ease -- but she's not quite big enough to do most things by herself. It seems her least favorite thing is to follow instructions or requests, regardless of whether she agrees with them.

I'm sure she's ready for a lot more than I've introduced her to, but I still hesitate. And sometimes when we try a new thing -- like colored play dough from a package -- it goes well for a while, but whammo! One afternoon without a nap and she reverts and tries to take a giant bite of the blue dough. Gross! And no more play dough for a good long while.

Early childhood development is fascinating stuff, and I'm privileged to be a part of Jane's and watch it unfold. But I don't always like the mama that I am while it happens!

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