Static Electricity
mysterious by Adventures of KM&G-Morris on Flickr
We've had a bit of a cold snap here, even in the South. And with that we've had really dry air. I know it's drier outside, but also running the heat so much makes is SUPER dry inside. I may have become too acclimated to the humid climate!

We've been sparking it up nonstop here, and I'm not sure how to combat it. It's probably only a problem for 1-2 weeks per year, but it's kind of wild.

I don't use fabric sheets or fabric softeners to stay away from added chemicals or things like that near my daughter's skin (or ours for that matter). But that left us with washcloths stuck to crocheted blankies and static everywhere. And I'm tempted to get a box of unscented dryer sheets to rub over the offending garments and blankets.

The dry air also has given us some crazy spark nightlights when Jane kicks under the blankets. I don't know if it's the zipper of her one-piece jammies or if it just happens no matter what. I was a little freaked out last night during a 2 a.m. visit (unusual these days, but not unheard of). I don't think that's what woke her up, but it very well could have been thirst. (I gave her a drink of water.)

Do you have any advice to deal with the static electricity in clothes and bedding? We're also walking around shocking each other quite a bit. What a silly problem to have.

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