Things I Don't Know

Chris and Jennie came to visit this weekend and it was super fun and super exhausting. We wore ourselves out at the Natural History Museum (dinosaurs, "dum dum" and ocean life -- oh my!) and then walking in circles (almost) in Central Park. Why don't I have a sense of direction?! We couldn't have asked for better weather though -- really idyllic. Then dinner in the Village and a Broadway musical, La Cage Aux Folles.

OMG that was so good, possibly one of my top plays we've ever seen (and thinking back we've seen a few in our time here. I've saved most of the playbills and think maybe I could frame them or at least keep a scrapbook with them after our New York days are the past). Anyway, the show is basically the movie Birdcage, back in the 90s with Nathan Lane and Robin Williams (which is possibly based on the play in the first place). I just thought it was fantastic -- the songs and especially the love story.

It's a relatively new show -- opened in early April, and I'd definitely recommend it. We were able to get tickets and were in the very last row of the top section BUT we could still see and it was great. This is in the same theater that Boeing, Boeing was in, which we saw with Shawn's parents a summer or two ago. There are quite a few more shows I'd like to see, but not sure I can part with the money for the tickets! We'll keep an eye on the NYU discount tickets though, and maybe I can squeeze in another show when my family visits and definitely when Shawn's parents' visit!

Today was less exciting, as it was raining and drab. We slept in, then went around looking for bagels, check. Then to the Strand and Broadway Panhandler. Pizza and relaxing in the apartment for the rest of the afternoon. Sometimes it's good to just catch up, and they got to see "our" New York -- i.e. sitting on our butts! Also relived the entire bedbug story, which was obnoxious on our part!

But seriously, I'm realizing again just how much we DON'T know about New York. Where are the best bagels? I don't know. Where can you get the best pizza? I don't know, although we like Pizza Mercato. Where can you get the best NYC style cheesecake? I don't know. Where's a good place to have dinner? I don't know.

I guess part of it (the good place to have dinner) is not trusting our own taste: there are places we like but don't think they're necessarily "good" places to take people to, and we don't frequent restaurants that are in the top spot guides because of cost, exclusivity or what-have-you. Seems a bit ridiculous in a foodie city like New York to not be sampling new restaurants and taking advantage. I think it's just how we roll.

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