Purple Tights at the Theater

Last night we went to an NYU Graduate School production of "Once in a Lifetime," and this is what I wore. My mom sent me the purple tights a few weeks (months?) ago, probably Valentine's Day? In any case I hadn't worn them yet. It was too chilly to go bare legged, and most of my pants are too big or just too winter-y, so the tights got a night out! I thought they were so cute with my Mary Janes that I had Shawn take a picture. My mom also gave me the necklace I'm wearing in the picture. Cold Water Creek for the win!

The play itself was a good time. It was a sit-where-you-want kind of affair and a pretty intimate set up, especially considering the large cast (maybe 20-25 students, many of whom played multiple parts). It was a Hollywood satire in three acts, and each act was almost an HOUR long. I guess getting your money's worth is the name of the game, BUT by the end the actors were tired and so were we.

ALSO I ended up with the worst seat because of the woman who sat next to me after we had to be seated. She was very large, so encroached into my seat terribly, causing me to have to veer into Shawn's territory (he didn't mind, and he was on the aisle). The seat to her left was EMPTY so she could have pushed her excess that way instead of into me. How awful am I to want to complain about it? Pretty awful. And my fat-acceptance guilt wouldn't let me move seats, although we could have relocated to a seats more on the side. It was a LONG play, but my back feels better today so hopefully the awkward seating didn't do lasting damage.

Hey - this is post #777. Kind of a dud, but what are you gonna do?

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Sydney said...

The purple tights cancel out any dudness of post #777.

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