Ketchup and Pickles, Please

I sometimes randomly sign up for things online, if there's a promise of something free -- a sample or in this case free pins in the shape of a ketchup bottle and pickle (I imagine it's dill). This offer was probably six months ago, because I certainly don't recall signing up for it recently, although when the packet arrived today in the mail I knew it had been requested. I don't really have a use for the pins or anywhere to wear them, but they're so funny. I'm going to pin them on my bulletin board. If you'd like your own I think you can request them here. Also, here's some trivia:
What was the origin of the Heinz pickle pin?
Henry Heinz attracted traffic to his 1893 Chicago World's Fair booth by offering a free gift— a small green pickle charm, which later became a pin. The pickle pin is one of the most famous merchandising giveaways in history and has become a popular collectible.

I also got an Amazon pre-order in the mail today -- Trisha Yearwood's second cookbook. Homewrecker or not (I maintain NOT), her cookbooks are awesome, although many of the recipes aren't "legal" it doesn't hurt to pore over the pictures. And maybe this cookbook is different than her last and has less carb-filled foods. I haven't read through it yet.

Yesterday was Gran's birthday. Wahoo! We had a nice talk, and it sounded like she had a great day with a mini party during Women's Circle at church when they gave her flowers and each brought her a card. Someone else gave her a Happy Birthday balloon.

Gran gave me advice on the too-small "easy shells in soft fern" blanket a few posts back -- just add more border. So I pondered that, looked at my pattern books and realized it was very do-able. So I've started on that and it's looking good. I should be able to add 4-6 inches in border and it will be a lovely, giftable blankie. Good thing too -- the yarn is so soft it would be a shame to waste on a doll baby (hey Diannia!).

And yes, that is a lunch bag hanging on the wall in the background. We make use of ALL the available storage space in this joint. I actually have some light things stored inside the lunch bag!

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Sydney said...

Interesting pickle pin story.

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