The first street fairs of the season were this weekend -- two right in our neck of the woods, two days in a row. Oh the joy of eating a Gyro (and for Shawn a $6 Thai food combo and $2 Thai iced tea). The joy of wandering the cramped stalls -- fingering glass pendants ($2 + $1 for a cord) and dodging the aggressive massagers -- browsing the T-shirts with funny (and not-so-funny) sayings.

My true weakness is the pashmina stands -- $5 per scarf OR 3 for $10. Although I have several -- black and two shades of purple -- I've been longing for a bright blue and bright pink to liven things up. It isn't like I'll have many cold days this winter, but they're nice even in moderate weather or for indoor air conditioning. You can guess what I purchased today at the street fair!

The fair was also rife with letters -- I could probably get a complete set just from photos of that. As it was I only took a few, although it's the LOOKING and actually paying attention to how much language is printed in-my-face that excites me the most. (Clearly it doesn't take much.)

The street fairs are high on my list of things-I'll-miss about NYC.

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