A Peek Down Lucy Liu's Dress

Last night Shawn and I went to the theater -- a Broadway show. "God of Carnage" with Dylan Baker, Janet McTeer, Jeff Daniels and Lucy Liu. The show was crazy, but we enjoyed it.

We sat in the second row -- the only way to go. It was the same theater where I saw The Country Girl with my mom and sister a couple years ago.

Because we were so close we could see everything -- from the spit coming out of the actors' mouths ... to RIGHT DOWN Lucy Liu's top! She's very pretty. VERY pretty.

The show itself was pretty pretentious and a little preachy, but overall we liked it. And love the idea that we can do things like this so easily. Being in Times Square is still a little magical -- the lights, the crowds, the tourists. Not something to do every day but I like knowing that it's just a few stops away on the train.

There are lots of things I love about -- and will miss about -- New York. I plan to chronicle them here in the time we have remaining here. We're having gorgeous weather this weekend AND the final NCAA games are tomorrow.

Good Friday to you.

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