Eighth Letter

I've made it to the 8th letter of the alphabet in my ABCs of NYC project. I have random letters from the rest of the alphabet too ... just doing them methodically one-a-day, as they come.

While I had my camera out I took some pictures of myself in my new blue scarf. It's got a pretty pattern in it that's invisible in the pictures and that I didn't notice when I bought it (they come wrapped in cellophane pouches, although there are copies that are out to be touched). I love it!

This is me, post-workout, no makeup (natch) and you can also see the denim jacket I "borrowed" from my mom. I wear it every day! I've got my iPod going -- The Song Remembers When from my "sad" playlist. (I've got problems, I know.)

Laying on the bed and fanning my hair/the scarf out was inspired by those Amazon Kindle commercials -- I think they're clever and cute, although to be honest I have no desire to own one and pay $$ for books digitally. I might reconsider if you were able to check out books for it from the library, which kind of defeats the business model.

While working out I perused my iPod, looking for something I haven't listened to a million times on the elliptical (April 15 marked six months of solid, regular working out with little additional music, save The Black Eyed Peas' The E.N.D.) -- I found Cam'ron's Come Home With Me -- a truly vulgar record that had one pop-ish hit "Hey Ma" on the radio during my Stillwater years, and that song was what prompted me to buy the album.

I remember buying the CD in an OKC Target on a trip home, popping it in and listening. There's a song Welcome to New York City that features Jay Z. I really liked it (I still do, once I listened to it today), but I remember thinking "oh, maybe this is a sign that I need to move to NYC," a thought that scared the stuffing out of me.

Sometimes the scariest things end up being the best, especially when the coincide with things you always knew you wanted, like my marriage to this man.

Auntie M Loves Uncle Shawn!

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