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Sun Soaked Saturday in Central Park

On Bow Bridge in Central Park. Photo by Chris (or Jennie?). Cropped to remove a random girl on the right.

I took other pictures of some flowers and random letters for my ABC projects. I stupidly didn't take a single picture of our guests, although I probably shouldn't post other people on my blog anyway.

They did take a photo of us in the ocean life room at the museum that I'll have to get from them to post -- their camera is a newer version of mine with a more powerful flash. My camera just turned out a lighted Shawn in a dark background instead of showing the big blue whale.

pink flower 004
Pink flowers near my library (took this photo last week during some rain -- love the water droplets)

Bow Bridge Floral Toppers
Purple flowers on top of Bow Bridge

Hearts and Arrows Flowers at Central Park Zoo
Hearts and arrows flowers (or something) near the Central Park Zoo (Penguins of Madagascar!)