Retail Therapy: Pier One Coffee Sleeve

I scored this for $1, so 75% off its original price. I went to Pier One for candles (found ridiculously scented pineapple votives, which I'm digging) and being my mother's daughter, I checked out the clearance bin.

They had these, and they weren't marked with a clearance tag. I had gone to Pier One back in December on a mission for these very things (saw them in a magazine as a stocking stuffer idea). I balked at the $4 price then, but thought what-the-hey this time. Of course if I'd checked the receipt and realized they were only $1 I would have bought several more for future gift giving. They had other designs too, but this was my favorite.

I like to treat myself every few Sundays to a Tim Horton latte. For whatever reason this Canadian chain makes the best, sweetest latte, and it's just skim milk, foamed up, with espresso. I drink it on the bus ride down Lexington. BUT the TH by my church doesn't always have the little sleeves for the cups and my hand gets hot or I have to waste an extra cup. Problem solved with this beauty ... assuming I remember to pack it in my pocketbook.

Always something.

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Sydney said...

I LOVE IT! Not sure it would work for this, but I heat my coffee in the microwave at school and some of my mugs get SO hot that I can not pick them up. I get an old T-shirt (kept with art supplies for when elem. kids paint) or a bunch of paper towels. Kinda bulky. I wonder if a sleeve would work on a tall mug.

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