Three Little Monkeys in Crochet

It's just like riding a bike. I can pick up crocheting these silly hats pretty easily. But the weaving in ends, changing colors and sewing, sewing, sewing weren't as fun as they used to be. I had a hard time making three graduated hats -- they ended up being pretty good for each of the kids they were intended for (three siblings in a family we're friends with) and had a bit of room to grow.

Jane liked them so much that she said she'd like a monkey hat too. She also looked at my book and said she'd like a snow man one. I should look through my completed hats and see if I have one of those done already!

Livia's been rocking Jane's pumpkin hat, but I should make her something more seasonal. We only "need" hats around here occasionally. Yesterday was one of those days. We'll be traveling in December/January to Shawn's family's town and it will be colder there so she'll definitely need something warm.

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