TIBTIL: Hanes ComfortFlex Fit Bra

While I won't show you a picture of me in a bra, I will say that I'm very happy to have found this. I was looking for a 2-pack of cheap bras at Walmart (never found what the girl in our class was talking about/recommended) when I came across this bra, the Hanes ComfortFlex Fit Bra (G796).

It was not "cheap" for Walmart bras, but cheap/affordable as far as bras go - about $12. They're $14 online plus shipping, and not as many colors are available as there were at Walmart.

It's got smooth cups and is all one piece/no seams. I got a purple one, natch, and then went back and also got a white one. They're stretchy and comfortable but still provide support. It's like a sports bra although without any squishing and without having to pull something over your head, which is the worst when you're all sweaty and tired.

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