Aqua Aerobics

For the first two weeks in July Jane had "water exploration class," i.e. play in the pool and learn a few water safety skills. At the same time I was able to do water aerobics. (The cost of her class and mine together was less than the going rate for private class lessons - so hooray for our local parks & rec for enabling my cheapness!)

I loved aqua aerobics, and I think I wrote about it last year too when I did it for the first time. Jane loved her class much more this year - no tears or anxiety at being separated. The set up was a little different, in that there was no drop-off before class started, so a couple times I was scrambling to get to my class (and didn't get the biggest weights available most days because they're also the most popular). ANYWAY...

The Good: NO BURPEES! (And staying cool during an outdoor workout/not just waiting on a bench in the 90+ temps during Jane's class.)

The Bad: Still plenty of bounce (if you know what I mean).

The Ugly: I shredded the bottoms of my feet on the pool before I started wearing my water shoes. They are still scratched and hurtie. How do I fix that??? I think a pedicure would be a bad idea with small open cuts on the bottom of my big toes. TMI? No problem from me! I might try lots of lotion and socks to let it soak in. The pumice doesn't seem to make much difference...

The classes varied by instructor. The main teacher missed a couple classes, and the subs were much more by-the-seat-of-their-pants, so on those days it was less of a good workout. 45 minutes at a time is a little longer than I usually workout with videos at home, although I'm trying to increase my time investment when I can. And when we did lots of cardio with strength training against the water resistance I could really "feel the burn," so to speak. My muscles were never that sore (I've got aching thighs today from lots of land-based squats, so I know sore!). But it felt great and I certainly sweated a lot, all while staying cool in the pool.

Highly recommend, and I wish I could find an affordable class to take this fall. It is hot here until October!

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