Crochet Princess Tulle Dress

Oh Pinterest, how I've come to love you. At first I didn't understand or like it. I'm not that visual of a person, and I wanted more text -- to understand what was going on in the pictures. I still lean that way, but for crochet at least I've found some great things using Pinterest and love to browse. (It's the source for most of my hat ideas.)

One pin I found was from the blog The View From My Hook -- a free pattern for the Kassia Empire Waist Dress. It took me a while to get the tulle for the skirt. Walmart was almost entirely out of them, but I eventually made a trip to Michaels and found them (cheaper than at Walmart too -- $3/roll and I bought three, although I only used two on Jane's skirt).

For the top I used some stash Red Heart hot pink yarn. I thought I had more pink choices left over from my hat making time, but they must just be small remnants in my bag-of-yarn-balls. The top pattern was OK, although I really think a lighter weight yarn would be better and offer greater drape. After making Jane's cape and a couple jackets I definitely see the value of using smaller yarn for better clothes.

I misread the instructions on the skirt and didn't use two strips of tulle held together for each knot. I would have used the third roll if I'd done that, and the skirt would be even fuller. For a dress up, play dress it's plenty full I think. Jane loves it and said "It's so pretty!" the first time she saw it. I also could have been more precise in the strips' lengths -- they vary a bit, even though I trimmed them after the skirt was complete. Oh well.

I'm not sure if it's the yarn or the pattern, but row 9 of the top (which is below the row 8 where I added in the tulle skirt) flips up and exposes the tulle knots. I should probably add a row 10 to try to give it weight to hold down (or maybe blocking/ironing would get it to go the right direction). I probably won't do anything for this one, but I might try to make another one with a shorter skirt using the third spool of tulle I have left. I might use a different top pattern -- maybe the top of the swingset cardigan and have it button in the back? Possibilities are endless!

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