Basketweave Baby Blanket

Soft and thick, with reverse SC border
This pattern is so simple -- front post DC and back post DC in alternating groups of four. (I've seen the pattern a lot online, but this one from Delia Creates is the first I saw and the one I used to get started.)

It works up very slowly, and I kept putting the project down. The pattern I read called for a bulkier yarn, which would speed things up. It would also produce an even thicker blanket. With worsted weight yarn (Lion Brand Pound of Love) the finished blanket is already very thick -- floor-mat style I'd say.

I already had the yarn and thought a pound would do, but this really eats yarn. I had to buy another pound, of which I used about half. Both skeins had a few knots in them, which always ticks me off. but otherwise the color is a soft, consistent white, and the finished blanket's feel is soft and cozy, especially after a wash and dry. (I love acrylic's easy care for baby blankets.)

Close up
I don't know if I'll make this pattern again -- at least not any time soon. But I do think it would be a great one to do for wash cloths, as the post stitches make an amazing texture and tight weave. (And a smaller version would go much faster/be more satisfying I think.)

(I also finished the blanket with a reverse single crochet border, which is one of my favorite stitches and definitely my favorite border stitch right now.)

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