Blue & White Chevron Crocheted Baby Blanket

My latest "FO" (finish off) crochet project is a blue and white chevron baby blanket. It's made with a stitch from a crochet dictionary I checked out of the library (I am a sucker whenever they put out anything crochet-related on the new releases table). It is much wavier and less chevron-y than I envisioned, but as it worked up I fell more and more in love with it.

I did three rows of each color and on the color changes I crocheted in the back loop only. That made a nice texture and makes the stripes almost appear to be floating above the other colored stripes -- depending on which side you have up. I finished with a round of single crochet and then crab stitch/reverse crochet (basically my favorite finishing stitch ever). I am not good at crocheting-in-the-sides-of-stitches, so the sides of the blanket aren't quite square, but I'm still very happy with how this turned out.

I hope the mom-to-be likes it. I haven't sent it yet, but it's packed up to go whenever I get my other Christmas packages ready to be mailed. (She doesn't read my blog to my knowledge, otherwise I would hold off on posting here.) She is from Florida, and Shawn thinks this blanket has a very ocean-esque feel, so maybe I subconsciously did that. Definitely not intentional, but I like it!

As a side note, I would like to briefly gripe about Blogger/Google+/Picasa/whatever connections. I can't prep blog posts to go live on Christmas Day with pictures of the presents I have crocheted because even when you do a draft post and upload a photo it goes live in your Google+ and Picasa albums. It might even notify people in your circles that you added a new photo. Annoying! Another reason why WordPress might be the better option. I know when you upload a picture it's live, but until you hit publish on the post it's highly unlikely that anyone is going to find the image, and certainly no one would be notified about it. End of gripe.

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