Crochet: Walker Whimsy's Toddler Slippers

The pattern name (Crazy Easy Kid Slippers) is no lie -- these are CRAZY easy and so cute. I made them while my daughter was asleep, so I used one of her shoes to judge how many rows I needed. I could have done one less row for a better fit. Hopefully these will be the right size when it’s a little bit chillier and we actually need house shoes down here in the South. (I can dream, right?)

I made the pink ruffle based on the cloud pattern in Walker Whimsy’s rainbow scarf then sewed them on the toe. Really like the look of it. The whole thing probably took me less than an hour total.

Jane's legs are a little roughed up because she got some ant bites and is just generally a rough-and-tumble little girl. She's one tough cookie!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this pattern! I made slippers for my little sister for Christmas this year! We live in North Dakota, but it doesn't get too cold to wear house shoes. I have no idea why you would need to. If you have heat, why would your feet be cold? We sometimes don't even wear outside shoes up here! Oh well, thanks a bunch anyway!

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