11 June 2012

Aged Out

Mama of 7 month old...
We visited Norma Lee a couple weeks ago, and her roommate at the nursing home asked me how many generations we had in the room. It was my mom, my sister, me and Jane. That makes three (my mom, me and Jane). The roommate said "oh, I thought you were her mom," meaning that I was Beth's mom!

Do I look old enough to have a 29 year old daughter?

In fairness, it was kind of dark in the room. The woman lives in a nursing home. And for more than half of our visit her left boob was just hanging out of her shirt.

So that was a fun visit...


CG said...

I don't know who Norma Lee is, but I sure found this entry entertaining. Cute picture, too.

And no, I don't think you look old enough to be Beth's mom.

Rachael Neilan said...

LOL. No way! She must have thought Beth was 10 years old.

Love the picture of you and Jane! :)