Address Label Overload

We've owned our house for less than a year, but in that time we've probably received a dozen mailings from various charities that include address labels. Most have been for Shawn, but I did get one that had my name on them. It just seems so weird. The first time Shawn got one he opted to provide a small donation. Could that be what has instigated the continued mailings of address labels? We've stopped even registering what charity they are from and laugh that there's yet another set of address labels.

Don't get me wrong, we're using them (which means I don't use my cute return address stamp). But it just doesn't seem like an effective way to get donations. And if it IS effective, why didn't we ever receive them before we owned a home? Do the address-label-senders create their mailing lists from homeowner records?

When googling for a picture (since I don't want our address visible, even if it is public record) I found this website: ... I wouldn't go that far though.

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