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Mindy Kaling has a blog, Things I've Bought That I Love, which is funny and led me to at least one purchase. Most of her stuff is higher end than what I am in the market for, but it's still a fun read in my Google Reader.

I buy stuff too though. And I like some of it. With baby gear there's always something that I'm loving (Target diapers, Moby wrap, zip-up PJs, etc.). So I'll try to write about those more -- as a record for myself and to help anyone who might Google such a product.

I'm a big coffee drinker -- or I was until I got pregnant. Then the taste was revolting (but most things were). Now I'm nursing and I can't load up on caffeine like the days of old. Those days will return, this I know, but for now I'm satisfying myself with decaf. And I've found two that I like enough to write about.

I love-love-love Starbucks Via decaf Italian roast. Seriously just stir in some just boiled water (from my handy-dandy electric kettle) and it's a deceptively good cup. Unfortunately it's about a buck a cup -- maybe a little less if you can find it on sale. That's sorta steep for an at-home coffee, but still better than a real run to a coffee shop. (Aside: you can get VERY tasty coffee drinks with decaf espresso at almost any coffee shop. I'm partial to decaf lattes with skim milk.)

The regular drip coffee I've found that I love is Dunkin Decaf. It's available at my grocery store, and if I get the proportions of water and coffee right it's super flavorful. I probably drink too much, and I know it's priming me to go back to my life of excess caffeinated coffee. But I'll take it.

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