Brain Drain

I'm finding that I'm losing my mind, brain cell by brain cell. I find myself making a few more mistakes at work than normal -- nothing job threatening, but still annoying for this do-a-great-job-at-all-costs girl.

Last weekend I did the grocery shopping, loaded my purchases in our reusable bags except for the meat, which I always ask to be placed in plastic. I get home, bring in as much as I can and send Shawn out to get the rest. It wasn't until I tried to make dinner on Monday evening -- 24+ hours after shopping -- that I realized the meat wasn't in the fridge. I guess it sort of helps that Shawn didn't notice the meat in the trunk either (apparently I'd tucked it behind the crate we keep in the trunk), but surely I should have remembered while I was loading up the fridge. What an expensive mistake!

We use a calendar at work that's online and everyone can see each other's appointments. I was looking at this week, preparing for what I'd need to do when I noticed something on Thursday that looked unfamiliar. From 10-11:30 I had a "Hold: Personal Time." I have no idea what that could mean or when I would have put it there. Seriously NO recollection. Thursday came and went, and as far as I can tell no personal time was needed. But things are certainly feeling mushy re: my sharpness.

Although I didn't sit on the beach in Galveston last week I did take my requisite feet shot when I was on the beach on Treasure Island, Florida, a couple months ago. So here's that.

Feet on the beach in Florida -- May 2011


Sydney said...

I wish my feet were on the beach somewhere. Brain drain doesn't matter much when your feet are on the beach.

Heather said...

Hope all is well with you darling. As far as I can tell, brains sometimes need breaks when they are as active as yours.

Thoughts and prayers in your direction - and make sure to take that personal time!

Anonymous said...

Scintillating photo - couldn't put it down... two thumbs up!!

(although I'd have prefered that your feet be fully perpendicular to the ground, with sparkling sands (and no ATV tracks) in the background, taken from a slightly different angle to afford more horizon in the shot)

(of course the main reason I bothered to check this blog today was for having heard of the major heatwave around the south)

(here, the temperature has topped 75 just 5 times since September)

Hope all is well...

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