Sad Story

I've come across this article in the clippings from work. Breaks my heart.

Report Cites Abuse of 91,000 Babies Under 1 -
Neglect, Abuse Seen in 90,000 Infants - AP
Study Finds Abuse in One of 43 Babies - New York Times
1 in 50 infants abused or neglected - Baltimore Sun

They don't have previous data to know if this is a trend. But most of the abuse in these youngest babies (less than a week in some cases) is neglect. Maybe it's just new moms not knowing what to do? Either way, it's just horrifying.

Here's the definition of neglect for this study: the failure the meet a child's basic needs:

"That can be anything involving the provision of appropriate housing or food or clothing or even access to medical care."
It also shows all the different headlines and the way the newspapers handled this story.

I don't know the answer. But I hope this much press makes something happen.


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