chest cold

i am still fighting this cold that i contracted from owen. yes, it was worth it to kiss his face, but now i've felt yucky for nearly a week! no fun. i hope to get better soon...

i've been resting up this weekend BUT yesterday my power was off, then the AC wasn't working, so the apartment was gross and almost uninhabitable. (with no power, i had no fans, so i split - saw Nanny Diaries - ugh) today the power is back on.

Sunday School started up again today. We're going to be starting a book about Hebrews next week. Should be pretty good. (The books hadn't arrived by today b/c had to be special ordered)

I had brunch at my friend Christine's house. I caught up with Emily who was there too. Emily and Christine worked at my job - E as receptionist and C as an intern. Christine made pancakes. Yummo! And BANGIN hashbrowns. Plus there was pineapple, juice and coffee. I drank from an Orange County Starbucks mug -- one of C's roommates is from the OC, just like my mama!

SO I haven't exactly been chained to my bed, even though I probably should be. I am treating the cough with Robotussin. And I have taken naps, going to bed early, etc.

I am looking forward to the VMA's tonight. Am I a NERD or what?


PS Wash your hands! Especially after playing with a sweet little 3-year-old! And don't share drinks... no matter how much he begs. :)

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